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Why Hire a Social Media Agency vs. In-House Marketing

The age old question of agency vs in-house. We may be biased, but keep reading. Now that the pandemic has been slowing its roll quite a bit…what are jobs looking like? Most employers desperately want employees back in their office or in-house. However, workers have come to favor the flexibility that remote work brings. 

As far as hiring new employees, the same stands true. But why should you even consider hiring a remote agency when you can have them at arm’s length 24/7? The answers may surprise you, keep this article close by when making your next hire: 

Fresh Eyes & Perspectives.

In-house team members will be working on your brand in a routine manner every single day. However, as an agency, members are working on numerous projects and businesses that keep their creativity flowing which prevents getting in a rut. As an outsider, everything from your voice, products, and services will be looked at critically and from a different perspective and having a specialized agency in your industry can bring a collaborative sense of growth to your marketing efforts.

Saves You Money.

There is a misconception surrounding agencies and their pricing. The truth? Hiring an agency can keep your costs lower! You can only hire what you are looking for to fulfill your marketing needs and scale up or down. An in-house employee requires training, software costs, salary, benefits, and more. 

Skill Range.

Hiring an agency ensures a wider set of skills and even specialization, whereas an in-house member is expected to be stretched across these capabilities. It’s a jack of all trades, master of none situation. An agency has an established team that can dive in quickly and play to their strengths!

Access To New Tech.

Agencies are constantly bettering their team with the top industry practices and utilizing new tools to enhance processes. I can speak for our agency, every morning we brief ourselves on new practices as this space changes constantly. Having us in your back pocket tools will give you a competitive edge against your competitors and other businesses in your niche. 

Next Level Experience.

Years of experience with multiple brands and businesses come with hiring an agency (they’re up our sleeve as well). When it comes time to discuss your business in particular, they will whip out their client wins and previous work to bring to the table. An in-house member might have experience with a couple of brands, but an agency will be expansive due to its upper hand with a team. 

Ultimately, you know your brand and biz, to determine whether an agency is a right fit for you, schedule a discovery call or chat with us on Instagram here! See you there! 


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