F*ck "self-made", you are who you hang out with. You're in the room, now it's time to claim your seat at The Founder's Table.

mastermind group

august 2024 - december 2024

Here’s the thing: there are a lot of entrepreneurs who will give up or stay stagnant or they push this “build your personal brand scenario”.  You and I? We’ve done things differently.

Our ammo? We’re building something bigger than ourselves. Both of our businesses go beyond us showing up on camera to sell, we’re smart business owners I tell ya. The strength of our brand speaks for itself. But things feels a little stagnant or you’re looking for a group of entrepreneurs to help brainstorm through your BIG ideas. Everything is so clear in your head, but a sounding board of peers would help you execute your next steps. Here’s the thing, what got you here won’t be the same as what gets you to the next point. New levels, new devils, baby! 

I get it.

you want more for your business and life.

⤏ You have different goals than what’s being pushed online,  maybe this is preparing your business to sell down the road.

⤏ You don’t want to and haven’t had to do the dancing or lip-synching videos. The results of your services and the quality of your products speak for themselves.

⤏ You’ve bought the courses that have either catapulted you to where you are or are collecting dust in your inbox. Now you don’t know what’s next and are looking for where to turn.

⤏ You’ve hired the coaches who have no idea how to get you where you want to go because they haven’t been there.

⤏ You’re making an income, but you’re ready to really make an impact and make your business dreams a reality.

⤏ You’re ready to connect with a group of business owners who are willing to share experiences, put actual theories into practice while having accountability, and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

it's time.

Trial and error? Pass.
Tried and true business growth tactics? Smash.

how we jam

each month

themed calls

Between planning out your year, revenue mapping for growth, hiring, marketing, and more, I’ve done it all and about to teach you my ways through live themed coaching calls during one of our sessions each month.

in-person hot seat

This is your time to shine, baby! You’ll be in the spotlight for your hot seat – come with questions or seeking feedback, the group has got your back.  Get real time ideas, connections, and more during this time.

financial expert

Money matters. I want to make sure you’re financially prepared for growth. The financial health check in the beginning of the mastermind will set us up for the best way to plan and execute your growth plans. Sustainably.

community group

The fun doesn’t stop during our calls. As an entrepreneur, I know your mind runs wild during random hours of the day. Get your work reviewed by me, get real time feedback, share wins, rants, and of course, top notch memes are always welcome!

access to mentorship

You’re looking for access to a mentor who’s done it before. I’m the same way. I’ve helped numerous business owners scale their brands through marketing and strategic collaborations or business decisions and we get to deep dive on yours for 5 months!


in person retreat

We all know I’m the queen of IRL experiences, you didn’t think there wouldn’t be a retreat did you?  There will be an experience in Palm Springs at a luxe AirBnb to mastermind in person and enjoy some r&r in the desert! 🌵

Hi! I'm your fave new biz bestie

I'm Alisha

Self-proclaimed comedian, but more importantly a 4 x founder with over 14 years in the marketing industry. I have not only scaled my own businesses to multi- six figures the last 6 years, but have worked with brands of all sizes to catapult sustainable growth.

From hiring, finances, marketing, pr, and everything else under the sun, your girl has had her fair share of lessons and some pretty major wins. My secret weapon? The ability to see the big picture vision while getting down to every little detail in businesses. *takes a bow*

While scaling, one thing I realized time and time again is the power of community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and with those who are going where you want to, especially in person.

I have been part of numerous masterminds myself and I know how game-changing it is when there is a meeting of the minds to grow together.I knew that when I got to the point of building out a mastermind, and I mean a true mastermind, I wanted to make sure that I made room for everyone at the table.

Insert The Founder’s Table. I’m so glad you’re here. I pulled up a seat for you. Let’s grow together.

Our Participants Walk Away With:

⤏ 5 mastermind sessions with hot seats (1/month)
⤏ 5 mentorship calls with live coaching (1/month)
⤏ Finance session in beginning and the end to go over how to strategically and sustainably grow
⤏ An online community to get ongoing materials reviewed, ask Alisha questions, and peer access
⤏ one year access to call replays
⤏ guidance for holiday campaigns
⤏ the wisdom of an incredible sounding board for your big ideas
⤏ ideation, strategy, and accountability
⤏ to get ideas and move the needle during times of feeling stuck and hold you accountable to take action
⤏ a community of entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to help you succeed
⤏ get clear on how to get to the next level in your business
⤏ clear on how to present your offers to your ideal clients to turn into sales.

only 12 spaces available

Month 1 - August

Mind Your Money/Finance Health Check

Month 2 - September

Marketing + Black Friday/Cyber Monday + Gaining Visibility

Month 3 - October

Cash Infusions + Offers

Month 4 - November

Goal Setting + Mapping out 2025

Month 5 - December

Holiday Recap + Finance Review + Growing Your Team


what is the vibe? wtf is a mastermind?

A TRUE mastermind at it’s core is a group of folks who come together to share ideas, give feedback/act as a sounding board, and grow their businesses and network. Everyone in the curated group is not only committed to growing their businesses, but also each others. This is a space for entrepreneurs to come collectively and share ideas,  provide support, and be each others sounding boards. These are entrepreneurs who are making significant income in their business and want a safe space surrounded by those who will help one another get to the next level.

who is this for?

Business owners who are ready to grow their income (yes, it’s okay to say you want to make more money than you already have), be surrounded by like-minded individuals, collaborate and also be part of a community of entrepreneurs who want more for their lives.

what is the investment?

$2900 paid in full for the five months. Payment plans are available.

*This price does not include the price of the retreat, which is optional and information on that will be sent separately to mastermind members.

What is the size of the group?

12 spots available for the first cohort.  Why a small group?  Everyone deserves to get their turn in the hot seat each month. I am protective of my space and I will do the same for you so each person is vetted to make sure they are at a place in their business to be able to contribute as much as they will receive.

is there a time commitment?

Good things take time, so it’s a 5 month commitment, starting August 2024 to end of December 2024. After that, you can re-join as many times as you’d like with the locked in OG price.

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