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Takeaways From My Mastermind Retreat

One thing I have continuously done is invested in myself, especially when I started a business. Whether it was a coach, group program, or a mastermind, the entrepreneur life gets lonely. That is a fact. Masterminds are where I get to not only learn and grow my skills, but also network and build community with like-minded individuals. I recently invested in a mastermind, lead by Hannah Nieves, with other multi-six figure entrepreneurs for a year. It includes 2 retreats – one was in NYC back in September 2022, and we just got back from Arizona. When I tell you that this retreat changed the game for me as a business owner and human, I cannot exaggerate that enough.

Walking into the retreat, I was excited but also didn’t really know what I needed for my business, the retreat and speakers were going to tell me. It’s like going to Target, you don’t tell Target what you need, Target tells you when you get there. The speakers were multi-six and seven figure business owners and you SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THAT ROOM! But because you weren’t, your girl has you covered with some key takeaways.

The main theme for me on day one was: Ego Death.

Letting go of my ego to step into the next version of me. What I have been hiding behind and scared of was my ego. The questions of “what will people think of me” with my agency and my most current podcast or because I don’t look like other entrepreneurs and not a certain size, I wouldn’t possibly be able to be successful. I had to let go of all of that and replace it with the main character energy I need. While I consider myself to be fairly self-aware, I needed this reality check to realize what I really need to work through in order to grow and continue building the brands I am.

Day one included a session with Gabriella Laura, learn about her special gifts on my podcast episode with her here, breathwork with the sweet soul ever, Erin Nicole, and also breaking plates with Victoria Franca to release anything that was holding us back – cue ego death theme for me the whole day. 

Day 2: Remember who you are and why you’re doing what you are doing

Venessa Kaufman – She’s an icon. No, really, go follow her. Venessa reminded me to go back to my values and my why when making decisions – I know exactly who I am and there is room for me here as an entrepreneur. While we are seeing overnight success like never before *insert Overnight Celebrity by Twista here, iykyk*, the truth is that we only see the tiniest bit of their success online, you don’t see the other stuff most of the time. Wait for it though, she said something that I drew stars around and it was “not knowing what you’re doing is actually you creating something no one has seen before” MIC DROP. Read that again. That stuck with me the rest of the retreat and set the tone for how I have to approach business and my brand. 

Lauren Boyd – Reminded me to protect what I am building and figuring out what my exit will look like. Along with delegating to others so I can run the agency like the CEO I want to be. Make sure the right systems are in place for your business to function without you. It made me think about how I would like to take a vacation without having to worry about things because the team has it under control. If this is you as well, set expectations with your team.

Kacia Ghetmiri – Quite possibly one of the biggest things I took away from the whole retreat and something I have reminded myself of every single day was what Kacia said. She said “if you don’t see something being represented, it’s because it’s your job to do it”. And that in itself brought me back to the why of this whole agency and my personal brand. The fact that I want to push for more women to have seats at executive level position in marketing or be part of the agency and be in rooms where it;s mostly men or the fact that as a Pacific Islander, my podcast touches on subjects that may be taboo to most to talk about, even though he conversation are happening behind closed doors.

Aisha – “Clutter around you is clutter of the mind”. I know, that one hit you hard, because same. Aisha also brought the heat while chatting about accomplishments and what we were all putting our worth in. What happens when we remove that thing? Watch her clip from her session here.

Day 3: Wrapping it all up

Rebecca Fiero – She is serious GOALS! Rebecca brought it home. She reminded us that when you understand exactly who you are and build a foundation around that, you won’t get tired of it. Want to hire sales people on your team? She suggested hiring an enneagram 3 or 7 – look into enneagrams here. Rebecca also mentioned that people buy execution and processes – they want to buy the result. What does that mean for your marketing and sales? What do you need to start sharing to your audience and what conversations need to be had during sales calls? 

There is nothing like being part of a community and mastermind. These are women who are incredible and truly want to see you succeed. I look forward to every single call with them. Listen, no one said this life path was easy, but they make it worth it. I get to conclude this mastermind with growth in my business and life. My circle of amazing human beings continues to expand. If you’ve been thinking of joining a mastermind, this is your sign! I will be launching one in 2024 so stay tuned!

What stood out for you from this blog post? Send me a DM because I would love to hear!


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