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Social Media For Restaurants and Wineries

The secret that sets you apart from all of the other wineries and restaurants in your industry? Your unique experience! It’s true that customers come for your wine, food, gorgeous views, or location. But, they also ultimately come for the magic they feel on their visit. The experience as a WHOLE. And it can all start on social.

Social media crushes the “mystery” on how to give a piece of that experience right from their phone and gets them into your doors. When curating your plan on how to utilize social platforms for your business, keep these points close by…

Story Telling.

First, let’s take a look at the most important part of social media – telling stories. The biggest result in telling stories on various social media platforms is the connection it generates with your audience. They can form a bond with your individual brand, staff, and processes. Video is the leading form of consumption since it is great at capturing the audience’s attention while viewing in “real-time”.

Brand Awareness.

Traffic to your page goes hand in hand with shareable content, distinctive experiences, and an individualized perception. By speaking directly to a group of ideal clients, your brand gains attention through a specific community. Social media has been able to increase brand awareness for businesses, especially restaurants and wineries, more in recent years. 

Influencer Connections.

Influencers who have established followings and loyal communities lie all within various social media platforms. This makes it easier to connect with these individuals and form connections where both parties benefit from each other’s audiences. Fresh eyes have the opportunity to flock to your offers through product reviews, events, and other deals with influencers.


Being able to utilize social platforms involves direct engagement with your audience. This also includes taking the time to outreach to other ideal clients on the app and create your own conversations. Social media is the perfect opportunity to showcase stellar customer service and give your audience a taste of what will be offered at your establishment. Your brand’s strong reputation will be built through your community and other potential customers will be able to view how your brand responds as well. How does your customer service hold up on social media?

Social Media Strategy.

Lastly, nothing is complete without an effective strategy. Brands can post as much or as little as they want on social platforms and will be left without results simply because there is no strategy to the marketing in place. Set aside time to determine how many posts a week you will share and have a plan to stay consistent. This is essential. Often, social media managers are the glue that holds restaurants’ and wineries marketing efforts together and supports the brand by lifting this vital piece. 

If your restaurant or winery has been looking for ways to increase its brand awareness and form a strong reputation by connecting with its customers, the only choice is a strong social media presence. Need a place to start? Book a call with us here or head to our blog to find articles to help your business thrive online!


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