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Selling in the Instagram DM’s

The nature of DM’s is difficult as you start out on Instagram. There. We said it. And now everyone is telling us that you should be selling in them as well?

Why is it difficult? Well, it’s hard to know what to say and when to say it. 

Ever find yourself at times staring at a blank screen for hours not knowing what to type, what to say, and when to pitch? You quickly start to overthink, “Does this sound too fake?”… “Does this sentence sound good?”… “Is this the correct timing for this message?” 

We all have been there! Deep breath. You’re not alone.

Before we go forward, let’s make a pact from here on out that we’re going to leave those, “Hey girl, I love your style, have you heard about…?” in 2020. Did you just cringe? Because we sure did. 

Alright, now that we are all on the same page, let’s chat about selling in the DM’s and how to do it properly. 

You have two modes when it comes to the DM’s… Nurture mode and sales mode. They are complete opposites. 

Wondering the difference between the two? And when you should be in sales mode vs. nurture mode? Or how to use the two tactics together to have success? You came to the right place. Here you go! 

Nurture Mode

When you are in nurture mode, you are building trust, building a genuine connection, and building authority. Don’t be afraid to build a human connection with your ideal client, first. It’s all part of building trust. Reply to their content. Be authentic. Don’t sell or pitch, it’s off-setting. Think of building a connection first! 

For service-based businesses keep in mind, before people trust you, they’ll want to know how the process works. This is all a part of the nurture mode. What value can you give them? How do you solve their problem? We feel like it’s best to map it out for them. Be an open book. Answer all their lingering questions. 

When it comes to product-based businesses you will want to show them the end results of using your product or how your product solves their problem in life. If they have been watching your feed, replying to your posts, or asking questions about your products, don’t be afraid to DM them and build a connection. Good customer service and going beyond that is so crucial. It’s what will separate brands on Instagram in 2021. Trust us! 

Sales Mode

After you’ve nurtured your audience, built a connection, given value, and provided education for a solid amount of time. It’s time to sell! It can be awkward – especially at the beginning to drum up a pitch. Keep these tips in mind, when finally deciding to pitch your client or customer in the DM’s:

  • Be friendly & resourceful
  • Share the price, so they don’t feel awkward about asking
  • Ask open-ended questions to get to the bottom of the setbacks
  • Explain in detail what is offered

Something to ponder… And ease your anxiety… Think of yourself as being thoughtful and caring for your customer because they are worth your time and energy. Think you are serving them and not selling to them! 

Phew. Are you still with us? Great!

Can we let you in on one last secret? Here is where many people fall apart when it comes to selling in the DM’s… Following up! 

Raise your hand if a friend has sent you a funny reel and you have read it, but never had a chance to reply? 

Ok, good us too! I think we’ve all been there. 

Moral of the story is that people miss things or forget to reply. Don’t be afraid to follow up! Keep in mind, when you follow up or keep up with stories it humanizes you as well. It’s not annoying. By following their journey and by asking questions along the way, it makes it seem like you care – which you do! 

It’s easy to feel rejected or a bit defeated if you don’t get a reply right away, but don’t let that stop you. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested, or your offer doesn’t appeal to them, it might just mean it wasn’t the right time, they didn’t see your offer, etc. Take every ‘no reply’, as a maybe, not as a no. One of our favorite ways to look at selling in the DM’s is that “the answer is ‘no’ unless you ask”, your audience may need an extra push or may not even know what you have to offer. Get in there, pull your sleeves up and have conversations.

The secret to mastering the craft of selling in the DM’s is to know when to nurture and when to sell. This takes time, trial and error, to get down, but once you do, we promise you the success will come! Put yourself out there and get social on the ‘gram.

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