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Repurposing Your Content

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Did you know that this applies to your social media content, too? We are big believers in repurposing older material that performed well. While you may think that this will be repetitive to your followers, think again! You have new audience members as a part of your community that hasn’t seen as much of your content as you think! Take a moment and imagine all of the content being put out daily! Repurposing content is a great time saver and we 10 out 10 recommend.

Not sure where to start, here are a few ways to revive your content!

  1. Reuse graphics. Through apps like Canva (our favorite) you can take an old graphic and spruce it up. Change the colors, add new background. Don’t be afraid to take existing content and play around with it to create something new! Posts can become blog posts or vice versa, or even turn infographics into Reels! The ideas are endless!
  1. Carousel. Take an existing caption and re-create it into a multi-image experience. Captions are a lot of work and sometimes people don’t even read them. Try re-formatting your caption into carousel graphics, allowing for a new and interactive way to share your information.
  1. #TBT. We love a good throwback! Don’t be afraid to share a photo from the past.
  1. Blog Posts. Incorporate existing blog posts into your captions and drive more traffic to your website, all in one. This is a great way to share a few lines from your blog and have people follow the link in your bio. to read the full article.

Next time you approach content creation, we recommend keeping the idea of ‘evergreen’ in your strategy. Evergreen content is content that is niche to what you offer and stays relevant for years to come.

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