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F*ck "self-made", you are who you hang out with. You're in the room, now it's time to claim your seat at The Founder's Table.

mastermind program

Here’s the thing: there are a lot of entrepreneurs who will give up or stay stagnant. You and I? We’re not willing to be part of that statistic. I get it, you want more for your business and the vision for your business and life are so clear in your head, the next steps just aren’t that clear.

My secret? Proximity. Whether it’s working with billion dollar brands,  working on my mindset, or hitting goals I didn’t think were possible, what got me there was a community of entrepreneurs who wanted more for themselves too.

The Social Project Inc Provides Social Media Management

I get it.

you want more for your business and life.

⤏ You’ve bought the courses that have either catapulted you to where you are or are collecting dust in your inbox
⤏ You’ve hired the coaches who have no idea how to get you where you want to go because they haven’t been there
⤏ You’re making an income, but you’re ready to really make an impact.

You’re ready to connect with a group who are willing to share experiences, put actual theories into practice while having accountability, and gain a competitive edge in the industry. Then pull up a seat, because we’re about to share knowledge and catapult our businesses to the next level. 

it's time.

Trial and error? We don't have time for that.
Get ready to learn and grow as a collective.

how we jam

each month

1 / hot seat call

This is your time to shine, baby! You’ll be in the spotlight for your hot seat session – come with questions or seek feedback, the group has got your back. This is the perfect time to seek help, get connections, collaborate and get your business right and tight.

1 / cohort teacher

Yes, that means YOU. We walk the walk and we talk the talk. Once a month, a mastermind member will be teaching the group about a topic. Whether it’s hiring, email marketing, finances, you name it. We learn together and we grow together. 

1 / slack channel

The fun doesn’t stop during our calls. As an entrepreneur, I know your mind runs wild during random hours of the day. Get your work reviewed by me, get real time feedback, share wins, rants, and of course, top notch memes are always welcome!


Who else is part of the procrastinator club? Yeah, your girl over here is too.  Each month, you’ll be paired with an accountability partner to stay on top of your to do list.

Access to recordings

I get it, life happens. So, for as long as you’re in the mastermind, you’ll get access to all the recorded calls and trainings so you can catch up.

extra resources

Systems are the name of the game and have helped me tremendously when it comes to growth. I’m sharing my bank of resources with you!

what you're walking into:

⤏ a sounding board for your amazing ideas
⤏ the strength and wisdom of other entrepreneurs
⤏ ideation, strategy, and accountability
⤏ to get inspired and move the needle in your business during times of feeling stuck
⤏ a community of entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to help you succeed
⤏ get clear on how to get to the next level in your business

limited spaces available


what is the vibe? aka wtf is a mastermind?

A TRUE mastermind at it’s core is a group of folks who come together to share ideas, give feedback/act as a sounding board, and grow their businesses and network. Everyone in the curated group is not only committed to growing their businesses, but also each others. 

is this a coaching program?

NO. Full stop. If you are looking for individualized coaching, this is not for you. This is a space for entrepreneurs to come collectively and share ideas,  provide support, and be each others sounding boards. These are entrepreneurs who are making significant income in their business and want a safe space surrounded by those who will help one another get to the next level.

Who is this for?

Business owners who are ready to ready to grow their income (yes, it’s okay to say you want to make more money than you already have), be surrounded by like-minded individuals,  collaborate and  also  be part of a community of entrepreneurs who want more for their lives.

What is the size of the group?

10 spots available.  Why a small group?  Everyone deserves to get their turn in the hot seat each month. I am protective of my space and I will do the same for you so each person is vetted to make sure they are at a place in their business to be able to contribute as much as they will receive.

What is the price?

The cost is $3000 for the 6 months. Can be paid in full or $500/month. 

Is there a time commitment?

Good things take time, so I require a 6 month minimum commitment.

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