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Leave These Social Media Mistakes in 2018

Social media is something that almost everyone is adopting. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either because it’s where the crowd is and most businesses snag up a piece of real estate on platforms as soon as they have a business name! As we try and keep up with the ever changing scene of social media, there are definitely a few things to avoid when it comes to social media! Are you participating in any of these common social media mistakes?

Stop focusing on the numbers and start focusing on engaging

Repeat that one more time. Stop focusing on the numbers. Whether it is followers or likes, this does not define you or your success. We know because we used to feel like people may not think my business was successful unless we had thousands of followers. Boy, were we wrong! The value your product or service brings to people has nothing to do with numbers and let’s not try and point fingers at the algorithm, because let’s face it, that’s out of our control. The moment you start creating those meaningful relationships with your audience, is when you’ll see the return. Do not just wait for people to comment on your content, get out there and go engage with your target audience and what they’re posting! Social media is a two way street.  

Having no strategy

Okay, so you’re on social media and you keep posting and hashtagging and posting and hashtagging. Throwing in quotes and whatever else you see everyone doing. Okay, pause! Every single business is different! Different goals, different audiences, different content! Go back to your business goals and use social media as a roadmap as to how you will get there. Social media is like free (or sometimes paid) PR. You want to try and get eyes on your business. How are you converting traffic from social media into paying customers? Because let’s be real friend, how are you going to pay those bills and keep your business alive if you have no money coming in?!

Using Social Media as a sales platform

This is a big no. People are on social media to be social. Surprise!Among the life updates, engagement announcements, and whatever else, it’s how we all stay up to date on the latest celebrations and tea. We start conversations on social media. We engage in creating real relationships on social media. People choose to see what they want to on social media. This is why it’s important to implement the know-like-trust factor for your brand using social media. You don’t get the sale just by throwing it up and asking for it.You need your audience to engage and see the value in your product or service before they can invest in it.

 Not being clear on your brand and target market

This is something seen over and over again. Before you jump on social media and start creating content, nail down your brand and target market. What is your brand voice? Is your message relayed? What is your style? Who is your product or service created to help?  This will help create the right content for the right target audience. Instead of shouting to the masses and hoping to be heard, focus on spreading value to the right audience. A tip for identifying your target market is to create avatars.Give them names and pin point every little detail from where they shop, what apps they use, their relationship status, their age, their income, their hobbies, etc. Include it all! This way, the moment you see someone, you’ll know if it’s for your brand or not.

No Call To Action (CTA)

What are you asking your audience to do? How will you build those relationships and get to know them? How will you get them to your website or email list to learn more about your business? It’s simply not from just posting on social media. Also,remember that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are just rented space. You do not own them. If they shut down, how will your business continue to run? This is one question I always ask my clients to think about because it’s so crucial! Social media is a way to get seen or heard, the rest is up to you. It’s not Instagram or Facebook’s fault you aren’t getting the sale, you need to make sure you are carrying the conversation off the platforms – whether it’s setting up a call, downloading a freebie (like our marketing maze), the options are endless!We get it, social media can be overwhelming. But you are not alone and many get stuck going around in circles when it comes to social media. Make sure you stay focused on the bigger picture of creating a solid brand and intentional presence on social media, platforms which are meant to be social and engaging. Stop falling in these traps for 2019! Things will continuously be changing so we need to adapt, but being able to be clear on these points and acting on it can create the biggest difference for your business! You can also book a complimentary consultation with us here and chat about ways to level up your business for the New Year!


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