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Successfully Using IG Stickers In Your Stories 

I’ll admit, the Instagram sticker page can be pretty intimidating if you are unsure how to use them, especially if you don’t know why. Instagram stories are all about creating connections and building up your trust with your community. By sharing snippets of your day and addressing them face-to-camera style, you are setting up a valuable platform.

Although, they are missing one thing…a way for your audience to engage! Yes, you can send a message from a story, but stickers offer an entertaining and exciting way for your followers to interact with you. The only thing left is how? Follow these guidelines to successfully use Instagram stickers in your stories!

Draw Attention. 

Instagram offers countless graphic stickers and plenty of GIFs to choose from. These fun additions allow you to grab your audience’s attention and spruce up a plain story! Since GIFs are moving pictures, they are the best way to direct your viewers to your CTA. Grab one of the trending GIFs and stickers or use the search bar to get specific!

Grow Your Know, Like, and Trust.

We are all about building connections and what better way than to include your audience in your stories?!? Host a Q&A with the question sticker to address anything your community wishes to know and ask for their opinions for other aspects of your business. Allowing your audience to learn more about you can be done in a fun way with the Quiz sticker! This sticker will also generate questions for you if you want an easier way to connect. 

Involve Your Audience. 

The poll and slider stickers are the quickest ways to build engagement while involving your audience in your decision-making or day-to-day activities! The poll lets your followers choose between two options for a question you ask, this can be from which profile picture they like more to which notebook you should pick up at the store. Sliders are also a simple way to ask for input, you can also change the emoji to get even more creative! 

One of Instagram’s newest sticker addition is the link option. Instead of needing 10K followers for a swipe-up feature, anyone can link a website and share directly to their story. This makes it easier to direct the audience smoothly to a landing page, website, form, and other important pages. No more confusion with where to find anything you offer!

Add Your Spin.

I bet you’ve seen a few, or hundreds, of the new ‘Add Yours’ sticker all over your story feed. This new concept is a great way to reach new audiences since it acts as a chain. You can make up your own “instance” or add on to someone else’s you have seen! Once you add your own picture and post it to your story, anyone can click on the sticker and view who else has also previously added to this chain. You become discoverable by simply adding your own flair to the series!

We can’t wait to see how clever you get with your stories, don’t be scared to share with us! Have any questions on other sticker features? Reach out to us on Instagram!


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