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How to Set-Up & Optimize A Business Profile

Hey, hi, hello, strangers… It’s been a hot minute, BUT guess what? We’re back on our blogging game, so virtual cheers to that!  

What goes together like blogging and quarantine? Well, Pinterest and profit of course, so no doubt our comeback post HAD to be about Pinterest and how your brand can use the platform to profit. 

What is Pinterest? 

Okay, first things first, friends… Pinterest isn’t a social media platform… IT’S A SEARCH ENGINE and online visual catalog, with more than 320 million active and highly engaged users. Pinners are active consumers, meaning they are scrolling on Pinterest looking to purchase products. In fact, 87% of users say they purchased a product because of Pinterest. 

You have 6 seconds to grab your audience’s attention via social media. Pinterest is the best platform to do just that! Why? Well, because it is the most visual & curated social media platform out there. 

Don’t know Pinterest is right to incorporate in your strategy? Consider these statistics.  

– Millennials use the app just as much as Instagram.

– The median age of Pinners is 40, but the majority of active Pinners are under 40 years old.

– 93% of Pinners use Pinterest for bookmarking future purchases.

– 87% of Pinners have purchased something because of Pinterest.

– 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to determine what to buy offline.

– Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites is from Pinterest.

Convinced? Okay, good let’s get started. 

STEP ONE: Setting Up Your Business Profile

Time to convert (or create) a business Pinterest profile. Why? Well, because a business account allows you to review your analytics, utilize promotional tools, and apply for Rich Pins. 

It’s fairly easy to do so, just follow the steps listed here if you are trying to create a new account: https://business.pinterest.com

OR follow the steps listed below if you are trying to convert an existing account into a business profile. 

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to pinterest.com/business/convert/
  3. Fill out your business name and website then select a business type.
  4. Click Create an account.

STEP TWO: Optimizing Your Business Profile 

First impressions are everything on Pinterest. You want to make sure your profile is clear, curated, and enticing for users to follow the second they visit your page. 

Your Profile Picture- Choose an image that aesthetically communicates your brand and vibe. This can be a logo or a picture of yourself that gives a visual representation of the type of content you pin.

Your Bio- Link your website and contact information, so it is clear and easy to know where to head for help, more information, or how to engage more with your brand. Write a description that is a brief summary of your brand, the services you offer and give pinners an idea of what they can expect by following. Make sure your description includes commonly used Pinterest keywords that are related to your brand. Keyword phrases are key on Pinterest. Therefore, you should really take the time to locate the best keyword phrases, so you can utilize them in multiple places- including within your profile bio, board descriptions, and pin’s title/descriptions. 

STEP THREE: Creating and Optimizing Your Boards 

Utilizing the 5+5+2 method to create boards– Cleanout, or create boards utilizing the 5+5+2 method. That way your page is Pinner friendly, clean, and curated. You want your board names to correlate with your brand and be easy for the pinner to find what they are looking for. 

5 boards – That pair your product, service, or content with your user’s everyday lifestyle. Think of these boards as setting a vibe for how you can be a part of your user’s everyday life. 

5 boards – Of things, your target audience might be searching for on Pinterest, that aren’t related to your product or service, but relate to your brand/vibe. Think of these boards as a way to give your follower value. Ideas being, recipe boards, health and wellness boards, an OOTD board, motivational quotes that align with your brand, etc. PRO SECRET: Quotes always kill it on Pinterest- be sure this is one of your boards regardless of your brand. 

2 boards – That are set up solely to promote sales of your products or services.

You Are Ready To Get Pinning! 

Now that you’re business profile is created and optimized, you’re ready to get pinning content. Remember that consistency is key on Pinterest. We personally use the platform Tailwind, to help schedule and post our client’s and our own content. 

Sign up for Tailwind hereIf you’re looking for further help, apply for a 1 hour coaching call here!


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