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How to Plan out Your Feed Content

Beautiful branding, matching colors and overall aesthetically pleasing…you know the Instagram profiles and type of content we are talking about. The ones that capture your attention right away for the way they flow across your phone screen.

What if we told you, it can be done with a little help from our friends?! Below are our tips to help you plan out your content in advance and have your feed on point to your brand while hitting all of your marketing goals.

Scheduling Apps.

Planoly, Later, Plann, we’ve used all of these and they are great! These apps allow you to plan, schedule and execute your social strategy for one or multiple accounts. You can also analyze your data to see what content works and what doesn’t. They all offer easy-to-use web and mobile apps that allow for seamless planning across the board.


Okay, graphic designers don’t come for us, we know it’s not the same as Adobe. As two gals who are classically trained in graphic design, Canva is our friend. Canva is fantastic if you are looking at creating a brand identity with your page. Whether it’s through colors, fonts and/or graphics, Canva allows for cohesive branding graphics especially when it comes to Instagram posts and stories.

Content Pillars.

Are your socials all over the place? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down 3-5 things you want to cover on your page. Whatever it is, having this outlined will not only help keep your content organized and will help you avoid spur-of-the-moment posts.

Actually Plan.

What’s that quote…if you fail to plan, you plan to fail? It applies to social media content, too. We recommend planning out your content AT LEAST one week in advance. If you can two to four weeks in advance is ideal. Life happens and before you know it, it’s been one month since you’ve posted. Trust us, we’ve been there!

It can take some time to get used to planning everything out, but once you start, we know that you will be thinking that there is no other better way to do this!

If you plan out your social feeds, we want to know what are your favorite tips/apps? Let us know in the comments or DM us on Instagram!


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