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How Reels Can Help Your Brand 

Entertaining…Relatable…Original…who is she?? Instagram Reels! The hottest feature you could be using for your ‘gram right now is Reels. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen an increase in video content while scrolling through your feed. And if you have clicked on that movie reel icon on the menu bar or from your profile, there’s no stopping the daze. 

From fun audio and music, eye-catching transitions, and entertaining clips, it might be embarrassing to say, but the hype is real!! The question now is ‘why’? We’ll walk you through the top reasons that Reels are being utilized and how they can help you and your brand!    

Grow Relationships Through Teaching. 

Firstly, using the 15-second time frame to educate your audience is a great way to start building trust. Most people are willing to learn something new. The audience online will value the information you are sharing in a new and entertaining way. As you guide them through a process or spill any news, you will be growing strong relationships with your community and inviting a new one as well!

Build Engagement. 

Remember those fun audios and transitions we were talking about? This is their time to shine! Using unique transitions paired with trending sounds keeps your audience’s attention and gives you time to direct them with your CTA’s. The fun energy increases their likelihood to engage with your content and brings them to your page to look for more. 

Reach New Audiences.

Instagram has confirmed that they are pushing Reels and video content out harder than any other piece of content on their app. This is because they are attempting to transfer their reputation from solely being a photo-sharing platform. What a perfect time to jump on video since new eyes will be guaranteed to land on you and what you have to offer!

Show Off Your Personality. 

Consumers don’t jump on just any product, service, or offer…they do business with who they know, like, and trust! Sharing your personality with your community increases this factor and there’s no better way than to show off with the latest trend. It might be nerve-racking at first but your audience is dying to know you! 

Do you love the Reels craze hitting your feed? Looking for help using them for your business? We want to know! DM us on Instagram and let’s chat or head to our blog post on easy Reel ideas you can use in your business today!


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