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Content Ideas for Wineries

With the spring and summer months ahead of us, your winery is screaming to be flaunted on Instagram! We both know that your vineyards and tasting rooms are full of beauty, don’t hide them and their attractive capabilities. It’s time to sit down and plan out your content, this isn’t just for the fun of it – the investment will present itself in your business!

Since Instagram is one of the first places your potential clients will flee to plan their vacations and determine the wineries they want to visit, your brand should reflect what you have to offer. Immerse the eyes of your likely consumers by giving them the experience they will encounter in your winery right from your Instagram page. Dive into these ideas to get started!

User-Generated Content.

Your customers made it easy! They will show off what they already love on their pages and with a quick DM, you can re-post it on your feed. There you have social proof and tons of content all lined up for you on the behalf of the public. Travelers will be more inclined to visit wineries that they see others enjoying.

Show Off Your Team.

Allow the audience to learn about your team to show who is putting in the magic behind their future experience. A level of trust develops when your audience doesn’t see staff as a random bunch but knows them more intimately. Ideas for your team to give are tips, mini-lessons, updates, and fun facts!

POV Experience.

Pop yourself into the shoes of your ideal clients and walk them through a day at your winery or a tour. This ensures that they will receive a picture of how they will spend their visit and recognize their feelings before they are there. Everyone wants to see things from their point of view, show it to them!

Behind The Scenes. 

Share pieces of your world! Whether this is in your cellars, production facilities, back-ways through the vineyards, or backrooms of your tasting tours, your audience will want to feel as if they are in on a sneak peek. Building trust is a result of reeling back the curtain, and they will want more!

History of the Winery

History buff or not, everyone loves stories. It’s what good social media content does, so tell yours online. Your audience is ever changing and if they can connect to a piece online, they’ll be more inclined to share it with their audience and also remember it for their trip out!

Don’t be afraid to switch your content up, it will seriously set you apart from the rest! You know the worth of what you have, dip your potential customers into an experience unique to your winery and tell the story of your winery. Know you need to pour into your social media content more but unsure where to start or need a hand? Fill out this form or send us a DM and we’ll be happy to help!


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