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Content Buckets for Social Media

How do social media managers make content plans so look so easy? By giving categories a fun twist. Cue content buckets! Content buckets allow a brand to distinguish multiple overarching topics that align with the brand’s message while producing a never-ending amount of content ideas to fill the buckets. 

Some ideas for content buckets are entertainment, relatable, education, promotion, customer-generated, and information about product/service. The group of content buckets can differ from brand to brand, but why do you even need these? 

Have A Strategy. 

Content buckets are one of the first steps to the most important part of social media… a strategy! In order to determine what you are going to speak on and about on your various social media pages, you need to first pick out these buckets to set up your business for a strategy for success. These different topics should all be connected to your brand’s story.

Reach New Audiences. 

If you have your buckets established and want to begin catering to a new audience, it’s an easy addition! Simply add a bucket that would speak to this demographic and begin brainstorming ideas that would fill into this topic. Example: Younger audience – research current trends and influencers.

Speak to Individuals. 

When your target audience is over a wider range, it might be difficult to speak directly to individuals among your followers. By having specific topics in place, you can rotate through your different buckets based on who you are toning in to speak to through your content!

Continued Creativity. 

These buckets give your business a foundation for an overflowing amount of ideas! By broadening the buckets, you can personalize all of your ideas for your brand’s audience and voice. 

If you are having trouble figuring out which Content Buckets are best for your brand or need to develop a social media strategy, reach out to us or check out our other blog posts!


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