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Why I Choose Collaboration Over Competition Every Single Time

Happy International Women’s Day!

I could not be more proud of how the female entrepreneur community is coming together lately to help each other reach for the stars! As a millennial, I am excited for the future of women of all different shapes, sizes, colours and careers!

Let’s be real, women are not only tough on themselves, but can also get nasty with each other. Competition is something that has and will continue to be passed down through human beings – it’s inevitable, but, here’s hoping the majority of us females can change the game. The movement of collaboration or community over competition is taking over and there are new girls in town!

Let’s throw this track back to early 2017 when I came across a group called Vancity Business Babes, a group of women entrepreneurs and bloggers in Vancouver, B.C. who come together once or twice a month to network and learn from one another. The founder, Danielle Wiebe, has created a place for females to feel safe, liberated and has ignited the passions of many who didn’t know they had it within them. This was the beginning of a beautiful and ongoing journey that I simply did not see coming.

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I had this grand idea and built my website and logo, the works! I then sat there and literally said “okay, now what…?” Girl, let me tell you – THE STRUGGLE WAS AND IS REAL! I felt alone, lost and confused. Here I was going from a team of 150+ to 1. I was constantly looking at my competitors and feeling sad because their insta-game was strong AF! Honey, comparison is thief of joy and I was being constantly robbed, to a point where I didn’t know whether this whole entrepreneur thing was even for me. They seemed to have all the clients and amazing websites, and no one wanted to sit with the new girl, aka me. But they didn’t seem to encompass what I really wanted to do with The Social Project and who I was within my business, only I could do that. Each and every business and business owner is different. Once I realized this, it was then that a shift happened and I learned that my competitors weren’t my competitors. In reality, they were my people – my tribe – my colleagues. This was when I was able to leverage the power of community and what happens when people come together to help and uplift one another is magical. Your creativity heightens, because two heads are better than one! You stop becoming scared of reaching out for help, because let’s face it, we can’t do it all.

Adapting this idea of bringing women together and being able to contribute to each other’s success is what will lead the path for us to be able to accomplish whatever we set our minds to. The future is female and we’re not backing down anytime soon. I couldn’t be more proud of not only being someone who partakes in collaborating with other women, but also am the Chapter Leader of Seattle Business Babes, focusing on preaching and teaching this movement to others and hoping to inspire along the way!

Think of every other entrepreneur, both male and female, see a common theme? It’s the theme of we’re all trying to make it. And guess what, we’re all in it together. So go on and reach out to women around you and notice the changes that occur in all aspects of your life.

So, here’s to the women in my life and your life who have helped us along the way to be better friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, business owners, and everything in between! You inspire me and motivate me to be the change I want to see in the world!


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