Content Ideas Restaurants

Content Ideas for Restaurants

Years of staying inside due to a pandemic calls for one thing… GOING OUT! As more and more people begin to branch out again, they are looking for unique experiences and we know you have those. Save yourself the worry later and plan now with these 5 content ideas that are sure to draw the crowds to your restaurant! 

Share Your Story. 

Dig deep and let the history of your restaurant unfold on social media. Everyone loves a good story – especially if there is a generational recipe, special name belief, or a classic “look how far we’ve come”. Let your audience be a part of the legacy and don’t forget to include those customer + staff testimonials!

Celebrate Holidays.

There are TONS of special holidays to choose from online. Pick out the ones that would make sense to apply to your business and host an offer to create buzz and celebrate together. If this sounds like too much – we’ve done the work for you. Find our month-by-month holiday calendar here!

Influencer Events.

Invite your local foodies and individuals with an established following to your restaurant. You can get more eyes on your page and in your doors while leaving with many pieces of content. As the word starts to get around, feature any user-generated content on your page from the event and others!

Business Highlights.

Lifting others up doesn’t bring you down! Share local causes and businesses to your page to share your support. The next time you have a special offer or donation, they will be more inclined to share your story too. 


With any great establishment comes a great load of questions. Observe and gather your most frequently asked questions and stagger assigned posts throughout your feed to give your best answer! This way you are clearing up the air and can also direct your customers to your various platforms. 

You have your special sauce, don’t hold it back! It may just be the one thing that brings in your next customer. If you are having trouble creating your plan on your own, reach out to us and we would be happy to help you or head to our blog that explains how social media can help your establishment!

Successfully Using IG Stickers

Successfully Using IG Stickers In Your Stories 

I’ll admit, the Instagram sticker page can be pretty intimidating if you are unsure how to use them, especially if you don’t know why. Instagram stories are all about creating connections and building up your trust with your community. By sharing snippets of your day and addressing them face-to-camera style, you are setting up a valuable platform.

Although, they are missing one thing…a way for your audience to engage! Yes, you can send a message from a story, but stickers offer an entertaining and exciting way for your followers to interact with you. The only thing left is how? Follow these guidelines to successfully use Instagram stickers in your stories!

Draw Attention. 

Instagram offers countless graphic stickers and plenty of GIFs to choose from. These fun additions allow you to grab your audience’s attention and spruce up a plain story! Since GIFs are moving pictures, they are the best way to direct your viewers to your CTA. Grab one of the trending GIFs and stickers or use the search bar to get specific!

Grow Your Know, Like, and Trust.

We are all about building connections and what better way than to include your audience in your stories?!? Host a Q&A with the question sticker to address anything your community wishes to know and ask for their opinions for other aspects of your business. Allowing your audience to learn more about you can be done in a fun way with the Quiz sticker! This sticker will also generate questions for you if you want an easier way to connect. 

Involve Your Audience. 

The poll and slider stickers are the quickest ways to build engagement while involving your audience in your decision-making or day-to-day activities! The poll lets your followers choose between two options for a question you ask, this can be from which profile picture they like more to which notebook you should pick up at the store. Sliders are also a simple way to ask for input, you can also change the emoji to get even more creative! 

One of Instagram’s newest sticker addition is the link option. Instead of needing 10K followers for a swipe-up feature, anyone can link a website and share directly to their story. This makes it easier to direct the audience smoothly to a landing page, website, form, and other important pages. No more confusion with where to find anything you offer!

Add Your Spin.

I bet you’ve seen a few, or hundreds, of the new ‘Add Yours’ sticker all over your story feed. This new concept is a great way to reach new audiences since it acts as a chain. You can make up your own “instance” or add on to someone else’s you have seen! Once you add your own picture and post it to your story, anyone can click on the sticker and view who else has also previously added to this chain. You become discoverable by simply adding your own flair to the series!

We can’t wait to see how clever you get with your stories, don’t be scared to share with us! Have any questions on other sticker features? Reach out to us on Instagram!

How Reels Can Help Your Brand

How Reels Can Help Your Brand 

Entertaining…Relatable…Original…who is she?? Instagram Reels! The hottest feature you could be using for your ‘gram right now is Reels. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen an increase in video content while scrolling through your feed. And if you have clicked on that movie reel icon on the menu bar or from your profile, there’s no stopping the daze. 

From fun audio and music, eye-catching transitions, and entertaining clips, it might be embarrassing to say, but the hype is real!! The question now is ‘why’? We’ll walk you through the top reasons that Reels are being utilized and how they can help you and your brand!    

Grow Relationships Through Teaching. 

Firstly, using the 15-second time frame to educate your audience is a great way to start building trust. Most people are willing to learn something new. The audience online will value the information you are sharing in a new and entertaining way. As you guide them through a process or spill any news, you will be growing strong relationships with your community and inviting a new one as well!

Build Engagement. 

Remember those fun audios and transitions we were talking about? This is their time to shine! Using unique transitions paired with trending sounds keeps your audience’s attention and gives you time to direct them with your CTA’s. The fun energy increases their likelihood to engage with your content and brings them to your page to look for more. 

Reach New Audiences.

Instagram has confirmed that they are pushing Reels and video content out harder than any other piece of content on their app. This is because they are attempting to transfer their reputation from solely being a photo-sharing platform. What a perfect time to jump on video since new eyes will be guaranteed to land on you and what you have to offer!

Show Off Your Personality. 

Consumers don’t jump on just any product, service, or offer…they do business with who they know, like, and trust! Sharing your personality with your community increases this factor and there’s no better way than to show off with the latest trend. It might be nerve-racking at first but your audience is dying to know you! 

Do you love the Reels craze hitting your feed? Looking for help using them for your business? We want to know! DM us on Instagram and let’s chat or head to our blog post on easy Reel ideas you can use in your business today!

5 Easy Reel Ideas To Try

5 Easy Reel Ideas You Can Do Right Now

There’s not one person we know that hasn’t heard about the Instagram Reels craze. From all the talk about Instagram growing away from being known just as a photo-sharing app to how Reels are essential to your own Instagram growth, you can’t escape this new reality! 

We know how overwhelming this can be, especially if you don’t think you’re meant to be a movie star, but you’ve found the right place. We have a quick guide of 5 reels you can do right now to help you become silver screen ready!

After all, if you can’t beat them, join them – and all their video glory!!


These fast-paced videos let you showcase events that would normally be seen as a slow process. You can use an app or record these videos right from your phone camera. Give a unique overview of an aspect of your day-to-day while leaving your audience satisfied! 

Unpopular Opinion.

Do you have those opinions that no one else seems to agree with in your industry? This is your time to let them loose and ruffle some feathers! Use this as a chance to teach something new and different. Make your audience see things in a new light while starting up a different type of conversation. 

Before & After.

Take your audience behind the scenes to show what goes into the “before” of your final masterpiece. Add a fun transition and showcase the transformation for your “after”. Your audience will feel a part of the process and get a better understanding of what goes into what you do. Afterall, who doesn’t love a glowup?! 


If you’re tired of constant assumptions about your industry and what you do, we are right there with you. This calls for nothing more than some iconic myth busting! You will leave your audience with new and valuable information that they had wrong before. Squash those misconceptions once and for all to reveal your truth.

How To.

Turn your viewers into diy lovers by teaching them something you do so well through your reel. Share a piece of your magic by walking them through an easy part of the action. Don’t forget to have them tag you in their posts when they try it for themselves!

Getting in front of the camera for a reel, or any video content, can be nerve-racking at first, but once you get into your groove, showcasing your personality becomes exciting! 

Remember that Reels don’t have to be a complete production, but we can’t wait to watch your debut! Join us over on Instagram – we’ll be sharing 3 trending Reel audios every Monday morning! Or, if you are looking for done for you content services, click here, fill out our form and we cannot wait to learn more about your business!

2022: New Year, More Of Us

Was it just us or was that first week of the year a crazy one?! We could do a blog about social media predictions, but there’s a lot of trusted websites that have done that already! Head to either Social Media Today, Hootsuite, or Social Media Examiner!

We decided this year we are going to do something different. We are sharing what we have planned for our agency from what we took away from the predictions. You can stay in the loop and see how we ourselves are implementing these predictions to test them out. 

Content, Content, and More Content

Content is king, as we all know, so we are coming into 2020 with a ton of content marketing plans. We will be incorporating more videos, tutorials, and a once a month webinar series. This also means more blog posts, infographics, an email once a month going out with a round up of changes to social media, and much more. We want to become one of the go-to places when someone is looking for help with social media or digital marketing. We are hoping to also integrate text message marketing once we come up with an intentional strategy for it as cross platform marketing will also be a trend to look out for in 2020. 

Webinar Series

The reason why we don’t create courses or e-books is because there’s so many great ones out there already. Also, the only thing constant in social media is that it’s constantly changing. The amount of work that it would take to continuously update courses ad e-books would take away from our clients! So, stay tuned for those!

Continued Learning & Expertise Development

One thing we pride ourselves on at The Social Project is our continued learning. Whether it be courses, conferences, workshops, masterminds, we are always evolving so we can make sure your brand is as well. With predictions of video and voice being the number one trend in 2020, we have already created marketing strategies for our current clients with those incorporated in ways we haven’t seen done yet, giving them a competitive advantage. We’re more than just a pretty feed, we use our expertise and forward thinking campaigns to disrupt markets and we’re able to do that and stay in the game and ahead of it by investing in our agency’s learning and growth.

Growing the Team & Client List

With LinkedIn on the rise, we have been spending the majority of our time on there. We are attracting solid leads, bringing value, and building relationships with our current connections. As the list of our clients grows, we are hoping to intentionally and sustainably grow the team as well. This will allow for growth in the services we provide and will continue to focus on those services. During our agency retreat, we sat down and mapped out what we wanted the year to look like. It ended up changing throughout the day and also changed our entire business plan. We aren’t the jack of all trades agency, we want to focus on done for your services in areas we excel at. We work with trusted partners on things such as branding, photography, video content, website design, etc. While it’s a short list, it’s a large one for us. This year will be focused on discipline and intentionality. We want to show up for our community, while staying true to our values of quality content and work. Stay tuned through our email list, follow us on Instagram, or if you’re interested in working with us, shoot us a message here! Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing what your Social Project will look like!