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Hands up if the word ‘sales’ sounds greasy or uncomfortable to you?

I hear ya (and used to think so, too), but now I know that selling is serving. How do you do this the right way? By building relationships first. We simply can’t just create a post with our product/service and then wait around because we’d be hearing crickets (especially if it’s targeted to the wrong person or promoted on the wrong platform). Consumers still rely on know-like-trust. If you’ve done your job to create brand awareness, the next step is to help your potential customers/clients see your products/services as solutions to their problems.

How’s your email marketing looking? No, email marketing is not dead. We all check it daily! Most sales we see for not only us, but our clients as well, come from those golden email lists. If you already have a list, your task is to get an email sent out to them. Don’t have one? Your first task is to create a lead magnet – something to exchange with them for their email. Whether its a discount or a pdf booklet, get that going and then get it set up to a platform that will automate a welcome sequence for them!

Download this template here.

Still need to create an email list? Sign up for a platform, our fave is ActiveCampaign, and then make a form for people to sign up for your email list.

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