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People are obviously raving about your products or services and have created that trust with your brand! Here’s your chance to nurture them and invite them to shout it out to the world! This is one of the strongest ways to market your business. This isn’t a new concept either, it’s been around since day 1 – we naturally advocate for the things we have a positive experience with, whether it’s a new shampoo, a new coach for our business, or a new drink. Social media has given brands a way to leverage this concept in a whole new capacity. Why does advocacy work? It’s real, authentic, and truthful. Bottom line: we trust who we choose to follow. While you have loyal customers who keep coming back, establishing ambassadors to advocate and promote your brand for you will help you scale your business to new heights.

How are your continuing to keep client coming back for more or sharing your product or service with their friends? Have you been thinking about affiliates? Influencers? Do you have a referral program? Maybe you’re looking to make some PR moves and get featured on podcasts or other media outlets. Let’s figure out what this looks like together!

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