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Black Friday 2022 Tips

The busiest shopping days are coming soon – Black Friday weekend/week/month! The holiday season offers businesses opportunities of all sorts! You will want to make sure you grab your audience’s attention amongst the noise and make a profit while you do so. This means it’s the perfect time to ramp up your social media marketing strategies to ensure you have a successful campaign-filled weekend! 

Fun fact: Instagram and Facebook are some of the most powerful social channels marketers can use during the holiday season. We have a feeling that we can throw TikTok into that mix as well this year! When used correctly, they can help your business grow in sales tremendously, during a short period of time.

In order to increase online traffic, and to attract your customers with the exciting deals and offers you get on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take a look at our top marketing ideas you should be using for your business this year!

Have all your content planned out and set your budget!

With apps like Planoly, Plannthat, UNUM, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be posting your best content during the best times! This is especially important around this time of year. It’s best to get the content and copy sorted early on. This way, you have time to focus on the present campaigns going on, your online orders, communicating with your audience, etc. The earlier you start strategizing, budgeting, creating, and content collecting, the more success you’ll have. Success, especially on Instagram and Facebook, always favors those who plan. Figure out what your goals are for the holidays and go from there. Advertising gets expensive during the season, so optimize your ads and make sure they are set up correctly.

Conduct Market Research.

Market research is one major key to success, always, & the holiday season is no exception. Take a look at your competitors Instagram feeds, search up holiday campaigns on Google, & look at what they chose to do previously. Was it successful? Did it seem to engage with their demographic well? Ask yourself questions to help use their holiday campaign almost as a case study into what works, or what doesn’t work for seasonal content in a social scape. Have a look at competitors, it will help make sure you are coming up with ideas that are fresh, exciting, & have never been done before.

Create pre-sale curiosity and get your audience engaged.

If your brand is posting some Black Friday teaser days, this will leave a mark in your audiences’ mind! Getting people excited to purchase from you is super important! On social media, successful campaigns always encourage followers to be interactive and are fun! An example of this is the “Elf Yourself” by Office Depot (don’t tell us you haven’t done this before?). The campaign wasn’t necessarily to drive direct sales, but to bring brand awareness.

Social media is known for being engaging & truth be told, most holiday campaigns that don’t involve some sort of follower engagement, will probably just be ignored. If you create a holiday campaign that is just focused on promoting your services, or products, with no benefits or value to your followers, we can promise you won’t have optimal success. Or, a lot of brands are now using the power of messaging to fuel brand loyalty and as always, know-like-trust is the name of the game. Make sure messaging is something your business is on top of and make yourself available to your customers.

Stay on top of your email marketing list!

List building is a great Black Friday marketing strategy to generate hype around your brand. It involves capturing the email addresses of potential customers and informing them about upcoming Black Friday deals. This is also something that belongs to you, unlike social media platforms. So, while we don’t foresee another great big shutdown of IG and FB, incase it does happen, your business will have your email list in your back pocket to continue generating awareness and sales.

Utilizing your best marketing strategies during this time is so important if you want to have successful campaigns. Black Friday and Cyber Monday marks the busiest shopping season of the year. Preparing a solid digital marketing strategy is crucial to successfully attract attention and boost your sales! Looking for a little extra help with your holiday campaigns? Send us a DM on Instagram or fill out our Work With Us form!


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