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Around here, there’s success without suits. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good power suit here and there, but we truly love the relationships built between our team, clients, partners, and community.

Alisha Kumar

Founder & Creative Director

With over 13 years in the marketing industry, Alisha has experience working with some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking brands, developing out of the box and momentous marketing campaigns that never fail to make a statement. She is passionate about helping businesses take advantage of the latest and greatest digital marketing trends to create a unique footprint with their marketing and has a knack of thinking big picture, while getting down to every detail needed.

After years of the corporate world, Alisha knew she was meant for more (cliche, we know). So, she started The Social Project to make sure that entrepreneurs across the board could dream bigger when it came to their marketing and their business as a whole.

From scaling her business to 6 figures in a couple of years, she now dives in head first (with a mapped out plan, of course), into marketing projects of all sizes, all with a big cup of black coffee and probably quoting one too many of the Kardashians.


Head of Operations

Niki’s marketing career began over 10 years ago in corporate. She quickly saw many up and coming small businesses unsure of how to navigate the digital space and knew that she could help them greatly, which is where her passion for helping entrepreneurs sparked. Through working alongside businesses in the health and wellness, lifestyle and music industry, she has created numerous customized strategies, offering business owners hands-on support in the digital space and making sure their marketing efforts aligned with their goals.

When she’s not scrolling through Instagram, you can find Niki drinking coffee, taking a spin/yoga class, or exploring everything Vancouver has to offer.


Jr. Social Media Manager

Michaela is a fourth year student at the University of Victoria. She is finishing up her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She believes understanding human behavior through a psychological lens can serve to understand how people use social media.

Michaela spent the summer working in sales at a local yoga studio. It was there where Niki noticed Michaela interacting with clients and using sales strategies in a natural form. Michaela grew up playing elite level volleyball where she learned great teamwork and interpersonal skills. It was during Covid when Michaela transitioned from a team environment and found herself gravitating to the introspective practice of yoga. Michaela plans to become a yoga teacher after she graduates from UVic.

When it comes to social media marketing she is new to the space but has a great willingness to learn. She strives to learn through hands-on experiences. She is 22 years old, has grown up in the social media culture and with that has gained a broad understanding of the inner workings of that environment.

You can find Michaela studying, doing handstands, or exploring the beautiful coastlines of Vancouver Island when she is not working!


PPC & Seo

Karmen is passionate about marketing and has over 8 years of experience working both in-house and in an agency environment. She takes pride in generating new clients for businesses across North America. She has her B.A. in English from the University of British Columbia with additional certifications in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

Karmen specializes in digital advertising, PPC, SEO, local search visibility, and copywriting.

Being naturally inquisitive, she loves working in the tech industry as there is always something new to learn. Moreover, she enjoys sharing her knowledge, helping business owners grow by explaining how they can utilize digital marketing to get more customers.

In her free time, Karmen loves hiking, baking, and working on her indoor garden!

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