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5 Social Media Tips To Help You Crush Black Friday – Cyber Monday Campaigns

Halloween is over and the holiday season is officially in full-swing and so should your marketing campaigns. Which means essentially 5 days of non-stop shopping. This includes: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, sales on the Sunday and Cyber Monday. With mobile shopping for the holiday season expected to increase by another 10% this year, solid holiday social media marketing campaigns can be essential for your business. Thus why, we’ve come up with 5 tips, that’ll help your business crush your Black Friday & Cyber Monday social media campaigns this year!

1.     Optimize & Prepare Your Profiles

This might seem silly, and maybe a bit of a no brainer, but we promise it’s often forgotten by many to optimize their campaigns in their social media profiles. So, let this be a reminder to coordinate all your social media streams’ bios, banners, descriptions, & links and make sure they are all cohesively promoting the ongoing campaign that you are pushing. This includes, changing your cover photo on Facebook to a banner promoting the sales offer, creating an Instagram highlight with everything to do with the massive sale, & making sure it is promoted with links and descriptions in every bio.

2.     Build a Sense of Urgency

Every good social media marketing campaign builds a sense of urgency with the follower. Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns are no different. Most consumers already have a sense of urgency when it comes to jumping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build on that & create a campaign that is centered around FOMO (fear of missing out) with the consumer. Be clever with your caption writing and using jargon that will excite and create urgency. Be careful, we don’t recommend you overdo it, but make sure your follower knows it’s a special, once in a blue-moon, type of offer.

3.     Get Creative

Over campaigns that are centered around insane price drops & outrageous sales? Or maybe your business just doesn’t offer a service that can be discounted? No problem, that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the marketing fun that is Black Friday, that just means it’s time to get creative. Some of our favorite Black Friday social media campaigns weren’t centered around screaming deals & all-time low prices, whatsoever. Remember REI’s famous #OptOutside campaign that launched Black Friday of 2015? It was centered around encouraging consumers & followers to forget the craziness that is Black Friday shopping, and opt to adventure outside. Leading 1.4 million users to do just that, while bringing viral attention to the brand. The campaign generated an incredible 1.2 billion social impressions. 

4.     Plan Your Hashtags

That brings us to tip number 4, which is to plan & strategize the hashtags you plan on using. We recommend creating a social media hashtag that is original to the brand & the campaign, like REI’s #OptOutside, but also doing some hashtag research into what is trending within your social media & follower demographics. This will help to organically optimize your posts’ reach. However, you also can work in more specific hashtags, opposed to just general & trending one’s that have been tagged with lots of posts. That way, your post will stay towards the top of the hashtag explore page for a longer amount of time.

5.     Utilizing Ads 

Prices of ads significantly increase around this time of year. Last year it was so back up, Facebook crashed the week of Thanksgiving and all marketers lost their minds! Furthermore, Facebook ads works like an auction, so during this time, everyone gets on top of ads so there is more competition. Increase the placement of ads, there are many spaces in Facebook world for your business to be found! Make your offer simple, it should be about 20% off minimum for your offer to be effective! Or add on something for free if it’s affordable! For example, we have seen supplement companies give away shaker cups. There will be an increase in ad spend, no doubt, so make sure you keep an eye on ad spend limits capping as this will shut off your ad if it’s hit! A great tool is the Facebook Holiday Marketing Guide.

The holidays can be a great time for businesses to make a significant profit. Remember, there are essentially 5 crucial days to drive sales! People are in a shopping state of mind, shopping for products/services to solve their problems. Make sure your business shows up and takes advantage of one of our favorite things: making money and getting your brand in the right hands!

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