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2022: New Year, More Of Us

Was it just us or was that first week of the year a crazy one?! We could do a blog about social media predictions, but there’s a lot of trusted websites that have done that already! Head to either Social Media Today, Hootsuite, or Social Media Examiner!

We decided this year we are going to do something different. We are sharing what we have planned for our agency from what we took away from the predictions. You can stay in the loop and see how we ourselves are implementing these predictions to test them out. 

Content, Content, and More Content

Content is king, as we all know, so we are coming into 2020 with a ton of content marketing plans. We will be incorporating more videos, tutorials, and a once a month webinar series. This also means more blog posts, infographics, an email once a month going out with a round up of changes to social media, and much more. We want to become one of the go-to places when someone is looking for help with social media or digital marketing. We are hoping to also integrate text message marketing once we come up with an intentional strategy for it as cross platform marketing will also be a trend to look out for in 2020. 

Webinar Series

The reason why we don’t create courses or e-books is because there’s so many great ones out there already. Also, the only thing constant in social media is that it’s constantly changing. The amount of work that it would take to continuously update courses ad e-books would take away from our clients! So, stay tuned for those!

Continued Learning & Expertise Development

One thing we pride ourselves on at The Social Project is our continued learning. Whether it be courses, conferences, workshops, masterminds, we are always evolving so we can make sure your brand is as well. With predictions of video and voice being the number one trend in 2020, we have already created marketing strategies for our current clients with those incorporated in ways we haven’t seen done yet, giving them a competitive advantage. We’re more than just a pretty feed, we use our expertise and forward thinking campaigns to disrupt markets and we’re able to do that and stay in the game and ahead of it by investing in our agency’s learning and growth.

Growing the Team & Client List

With LinkedIn on the rise, we have been spending the majority of our time on there. We are attracting solid leads, bringing value, and building relationships with our current connections. As the list of our clients grows, we are hoping to intentionally and sustainably grow the team as well. This will allow for growth in the services we provide and will continue to focus on those services. During our agency retreat, we sat down and mapped out what we wanted the year to look like. It ended up changing throughout the day and also changed our entire business plan. We aren’t the jack of all trades agency, we want to focus on done for your services in areas we excel at. We work with trusted partners on things such as branding, photography, video content, website design, etc. While it’s a short list, it’s a large one for us. This year will be focused on discipline and intentionality. We want to show up for our community, while staying true to our values of quality content and work. Stay tuned through our email list, follow us on Instagram, or if you’re interested in working with us, shoot us a message here! Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing what your Social Project will look like!


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